#EN3177 Studio Tours

My studio tour start off with Jordan’s and I thought it was an interesting idea from the get-go. When I was doing my project, I didn’t really consider going in the wiki direction, so this was a cool one to start with. The project focuses on using the wiki as a study aid. This is an interesting idea because if wikis do make good study aids, then it would be very practical.

The first thing I noticed about his proposal is that it was very thorough and structured. From what I can see by looking at the project site, it is going according to plan.

Just from clicking around the wiki, I think this is panning out very well. The notes section is jam-packed with notes. Having the notes online makes everything very accessible from just about anywhere. Everything on the site is well-linked and easy to find. I really think I could gather a lot of information the class teaches even though I’m not in it, which is pretty cool.

Another aspect that I like about it is that if there is a site for a course, it is usually made by the teacher. Because the student is making and actively maintaining it and doing things like listing and defining key terms on the side, it is likely very useful for the students in the class. Most students are in the shoes in the same shoes as other students and need to use some teamwork and this allows them to do it. It’s very simple to understand and if you don’t get it, Jordan’s contact info is right there.

I’m interested in seeing Jordan’s final reflection, but from my perspective, it looks like the goals are being met here.

My next tour was through Devan’s blog. Like Jordan’s project, this was another one I could get behind. I play one videogame and one videogame only and that’s NHL13, but I love the idea and could see myself doing something similar with with my own gaming experience.

Though I don’t really know anything about Runescape, I feel like reading this could give me enough background to get into it if I ever have the time. Looking through the posts, you see a lot of the nuances of the game and why it is so interesting.

One thing I admire about the project is that the posts here are very consistent and in-depth. The use of links is great, as well. After also looking at one of the blogs she said she was modeling her’s after in her proposal (Jax’s), I’d say I could learn more for Devan’s. The layout of the site is also really cool as it incorporates tweets from an account unique to the project and tags from her posts. The background and layout is also very appealing and gives me the impression it has to do with a game without even reading it.

I’m a big fan of this project and based on the contract from the proposal, I’d say she’s exceeding her own expectations. Great work.

Dennis’ project is one that I actually remember hearing about in class. When he said he was cleaning up an already-former wiki, I wondered how much of a project that could actually be because it seemed like something you could possibly finish in a relative short amount of time. When I saw his name three spots below mine on the list and looked into it, it was impressed. I guess I didn’t know how maintain a wiki as a project would work.

Based on his blog, I’m really impressed with his work. The Abarat wiki is looking very clean and I can pick up the plot of the story very well. The purpose of the project is being fulfilled in every way. I can see and learn about the characters and how the stories play out.

Dennis seems to be interacting with the other contributors to the wiki and that’s really what wikis are all about. The wiki’s details seem very refined.

Another thing I like is that he has integrated information and thoughts on the book into the blog, so I can tell he’s really into what he’s doing. The screen caps also help show exactly what he’s doing to help out.

I think Dennis, like Jordan and Devan, is doing a really good job and I am interested to see what the project looks like in a couple weeks.


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